WATERBOMB 2022 Seoul: Performer Lineup & Ticket Details


One of the most highly anticipated music festivals in South Korea, WATERBOMB is back for its 2022 installment with a star-studded lineup of performers. As the name suggests, the main attraction of this festival is the “water battleground” and that is exactly what sets it apart from other music festivals. What’s more is that the performing artists themselves also engage in this water fight and incorporate water effects in their performances, making the experience truly one of a kind.

In keeping with its tradition, this year too, WATERBOMB has divided its performers into “Teams” – the Green Team and the Yellow Team. Attendees can choose their own teams and are provided with towels according to the colour they choose.

Take a look at the lineup so far and related details below!


WATERBOMB 2022 Seoul



Green Team




Jay Park


Yellow Team




WATERBOMB 2022 Seoul: Performer Lineup & Ticket Details


Date: June 24 – 26, 2022

Venue: Jamsil Sports Complex

Tickets: Click here


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