3 Reasons Why BVNDIT Should Be On Your List Of K-Pop Girl Groups To Stan


BVNDIT is a 5-member girl group under MNH Entertainment that debuted in 2019. They are known for their ambitious spirit and overflowing talent.

They will be making a comeback soon with their 3rd mini-album “Re-Original” on May 25 at 6 PM KST. Many fans are looking forward to their highly-awaited return.

So, we’ve compiled a list of 3 reasons why BVNDIT should be on your list of girl groups to stan, if they are not already.


1. Fresh musical sound and unique tone

The group often gets praised for their vocal performances and vocal power, especially because they have created their own unique sound. They often sing in an alto tone that draws one’s attention.

BVNDIT has also been praised by fans for how stable their live vocals are considering the nature of their choreography.

Check out this live performance of their song ‘Dramatic’.



2. Their choreography and performance power

BVNDIT has brilliant choreography included in their performances. The girls never hold out and always dance with all of their might. Their dance lines and precise and clean. You can tell they are passionate from the way that they own the stage.

Check out this performance of their song ‘JUNGLE’.



3. The whole group is filled with visuals

 3 Reasons Why BVNDIT Should Be On Your List Of K-Pop Girl Groups To Stan

MNH Entertainment

Each member of BVNDIT is as gorgeous as the next and could easily hold the official visual position. Their recent concept photos are exceptionally breathtaking, showing a hardcore and powerful image of the girls.


There are more reasons to love BVNDIT, but these are just a few to start you off.

What do you think of BVNDIT? Are you looking forward to their comeback? Let us know in the comments.


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