4 MONSTA X Title Tracks To Get To Know The Powerhouse Group


Congratulations on MONSTA X’s 7 fruitful years as a group that always exceeds expectations!

What comes to mind when you hear MONSTA X? Visuals, wit, entertainment, hosting, and more. There are lots of words to associate with MONSTA X, but the greatest term to describe the group is “talent.”

monsta x title tracks 7th anniversary

And it shows in their numerous hits that have made them one of the most popular boy groups in the K-Pop industry.

So if you still aren’t a MONBEBE, then here are 4 MONSTA X title tracks as a great starting point for discovering the six-member global boy group’s exemplary artistry and creativity.


The first title track that a new MONSTA X fan should listen to is the one that brought tears to the group and its fandom– “Dramarama.”

On the November 14, 2017 episode of The Show, MONSTA X went up against EXID’s “DDD” and Block B’s “Shall We Dance” and took home its first-ever music show win.

“Dramarama” is an urban punk tune that incorporates MONSTA X’s distinct hip-hop song, with contributions from the very own rappers Joohoney and I.M. The song’s 808 rhythm and punk-style arrangement complete the masterpiece in a complementary genuine guitar rhythm at the beginning, creating a powerful and captivating sound.

Main points to focus on: Joohoney and I.M’s rap duet in the song’s climax, the addicting chorus line.

Shoot Out

“Shoot Out” is perhaps the most well-known MONSTA X title track that brought the group to greater heights. It was a song that showed off the unique colors of the group, where softness and manliness coexist, exuding a wild and dreamy atmosphere, and doing everything within its boundaries.

The song’s brilliant combination of trap, rock, and future bass gave the song a dramatic excitement in its every verse, not to mention the impressive hooks and melodies.

Main points to focus on: Joohoney’s infamous rap part that has been featured in tvN’s Amazing Saturday, Minhyuk and Hyungwon’s choreography duet.


MONSTA X brought up the game with the mini-album ONE OF A KIND spearheaded by the title track produced by Joohoney, “GAMBLER.”
“GAMBLER” opens with an awe-striking “If you don’t know, now you know. Ok? Deal.” and it was beyond expectations.

Expressing the emotions between lovers enough for them to bet everything, “GAMBLER” actively captures the members’ sophisticated and restrained sexiness in neat suits.

As it conveys the confident energy and unrivaled synergy of MONSTA X, it was also added to the powerhouse group’s long list of achievements as the first title track written by a member.

Main points to focus on: Kihyun’s superb high notes, Shownu and Minhyuk’s harmony.


Of course, the most recent title track should never be left out. “LOVE” is from the 11th mini-album SHAPE of LOVE which was released on April 26, 2022. The album expresses the various aspects of love, starting from self-appreciation, love for music, and MONSTA X’s unending love for fans.

“LOVE” was Joohoney’s third title track composition, making the album another masterpiece worthy of being recorded in history. It is a modern interpretation of a catchy R&B guitar sound accompanied by a hip-hop base to form an old-school atmosphere, emitting the group’s unique, intense colors and endless energy.

Main points to focus on: Hyungwon’s narration in the intro, I.M’s prop cane during performances.

To celebrate MONSTA X’s 7th anniversary, Filipino MONBEBEs have organized an event inspired by the title track “GAMBLER” from the 9th mini-album One Of A Kind.

Entitled Lucky 7th: Monsta X 7th Anniversary Grand Ball Heist, Monbebe United Philippines and Mon Titas of Manila collaborated on bringing forth a grand gathering to celebrate the journey of the beloved group and its fans, who have been together since 2015.

monsta x 7th anniversary gathering

Photo from Monbebe United Philippines

The event will commence on May 14, 2022, at the Grand Ballroom, Hive Hotel, Sct. Tuason, Quezon City, just in time for MONSTA X’s 7th anniversary. Fans can have a lot of fun with co-MONBEBE through a series of games, silent auctions, and fangirling.

monsta x 7th anniversary

Meanwhile, MONSTA X will greet global MONBEBE on the group’s anniversary through a VLive broadcast on May 13 at 11:00 PM KST. The talented group also prepared several activities for fans in which they can participate on the official fan cafe and on social media.

Image and Video Source: Starship Entertainment

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