Hidden Gems: Puppet by Marmello


​On this series we remember songs that have been forgotten or were never even given the attention they deserved. Today’s Hidden Gem is Wake Me Up by Marmello

Another Korean girl band!  Marmello were a little different cause they had a few songs that had your typical rock sound and they had some poppy songs.  This song, their debut, is kinda the perfect hybrid of both those styles.

마르멜로 MARMELLO - PUPPET Official M/V on Make a GIF

The girls in this band actually formed together in high school.  So I thought they might last awhile since they had a pretty close bond and they formed themselves.  Sadly that wasn’t the case.  They made a couple comebacks, then lost their keyboardist.  They made one more comeback without her and ultimately disbanded shortly afterwards.  Only the drummer seems to be pursuing music by posting drum covers on instagram.

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