6 Times GOT7’s Jay B Served Us The Best Lim Leader Energy


GOT7’s Jay B is more than just a famous idol with a multitude of talents. He holds a very special place in the hearts of Ahgase/iGOT7 (GOT7‘s fandom) for a number of reasons. Jay B is a multi-talented artist, a mentor, and an inspiration to many. The artistry he has brought to the K-Pop world is distinct and irreplaceable.

With GOT7’s comeback on the horizon, on May 23 at 6 PM KST, many fans have been buzzing about the group. To say that their comeback has been highly-awaited would be an understatement. This comeback not only means a lot to Ahgase but marks a significant part in K-Pop history.

To commemorate this moment in K-Pop history, it only seems right to show appreciation for the group and their leader Jay B (affectionately known as the precious ‘Lim Leader’). GOT7 Jay B’s real name is Lim JaeBeom which is where the nickname ‘Lim Leader’ comes from. He has done so much for the group alongside the other members, including making this comeback possible.

So, here is a list of 6 times GOT7’s Jay B served Ahgase the best Lim Leader energy.


1. Every time he took care of the members before himself

 6 Times GOT7's Jay B Served Us The Best Lim Leader Energy

GOT7 Jay B’s Instagram

There have been countless occasions when Jay B put the other GOT7 members before himself. His strong sense of brotherhood and responsibility has made him take on a protective role, which is endearing to see. For example, there have been emotional moments where all the members have cried but Jay B held back his tears to make sure that they are okay first. If you watch any of the group’s interactions, you will also notice that he is always quietly trying to help them, be it by encouraging them or passing them a bottle of water during an interview, he is always making sure his members are taken care of.

Likewise, there are many moments where the members have taken care of him too, showing their wholesome bond as seven members of a family.


2. When he made Ahgase the stand-in leader of GOT7

 6 Times GOT7's Jay B Served Us The Best Lim Leader Energy

GOT7 Jay B’s Instagram

There was a week when Jay B couldn’t be with the group, leaving them without a leader. He handed the position over to his trusty deputy leaders Ahgase. Entrusting his fandom to take care of the members showed just how much he not only cares for the members, but also how much he trusts the fans. Clearly he calls fans his besties for a reason.


3. When a psychologist predicted him to be the best leader among idol groups

In an episode of “Hard Carry“, a psychologist told Jay B that he would likely be the best leader among idol groups. He noted his leadership style as the kind of leader who tends to look at the big picture and manage the situation even when the other members are distracted.

You can watch the full video here.



4. Each time he gets shy from hearing the GOT7 members compliment him as a leader

 6 Times GOT7's Jay B Served Us The Best Lim Leader Energy


The GOT7 members think very highly of Jay B and have always been open about their thoughts. However, Jay B often gets shy and puts on an adorable smile when he hears them sing his praises. For example, one time on “Idol Radio“, GOT7’s JinYoung shared that he thinks Jay B is the type of person who is meant to be a leader. His reasons included Jay B’s good reasoning and his willingness to embrace everyone. He also complimented Jay B’s understanding of himself as an artist and how he knows his music taste.


5. When he shares about overcoming his struggles in his position

GOT7’s Jay B has been very honest about the fact that his position as the leader has not always been the easiest. At first, he found it burdensome and wondered if he was the right person for the job. He had to work very hard to overcome that and was eventually able to kick his doubt away, which is how he has become the precious Lim Leader now.

If you would like to get to know more about some of the deeper challenges and meaningful moments in Jay B’s journey, check out his stories on Mindset by Dive Studios.


6. Being the glue to GOT7 after they went their separate ways

 6 Times GOT7's Jay B Served Us The Best Lim Leader Energy

GOT7 Jay B’s Instagram

Last but not least, Jay B’s role in making it possible for all of the GOT7 members to come together again and make a comeback is a part of what makes him so spectacular. All of the members have been actively making an effort to keep GOT7 together, but recently Jay B shared how much effort he put into keeping them together.

All of the GOT7 members left JYP Entertainment but were determined to stay a team, despite pursuing their solo careers. Jay B has shared that during this time he felt pressure to hold the team together as the string that keeps them connected.

He mentioned that he thinks he needs to become an even better leader from this moment forward, showing how seriously he still takes the position.


Naturally, there have been way more moments when Jay B proved himself to be an excellent leader, but these were just a few. We can’t wait to see what Jay B and GOT7 do in the future as they can only go upward from here.

What do you think of Jay B as a leader? Are you looking forward to GOT7’s comeback? Let us know in the comments.


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