5 BVNDIT Songs That Prove The Group’s Incredible Versatility


One of the most underrated K-Pop girl groups with an impressive discography, BVNDIT is finally making a comeback!

For those who might now know, BVNDIT is a 5-member group formed by MNH Entertainment, consisting of members SeungEun, SongHee, SiMyeong, YiYeon, and JungWoo. In 2021, member SeungEun appeared on the Mnet survival reality show “Girls Planet 999”.

BVNDIT will be releasing their 3rd mini-album “Re-Original” on May 25, 2022, marking their first comeback in 2 years since the release of their 2nd mini-album “Carnival”. To celebrate, we’re looking back at 5 of the group’s most iconic songs that perfectly capture the essence of their musical diversity.


1. ‘Dramatic’


Despite not getting a music video, ‘Dramatic’ etches itself in the listener’s mind vividly with its striking melody and catchy hook. The rappers take on the spotlight for this song, giving it an edgy appeal. This is BVNDIT in their element and we love to see it!


2. ‘Cool’


The title of this song also happens to be the perfect word to describe it: ‘Cool’. BVNDIT’s take on the new wave genre brings us one of the best English language tracks (and music videos) from a K-Pop group ever, and we cannot help but wish for them to bring it back.


3. ‘Children’


BVNDIT’s ‘Children’ is a gentle, soothing lullaby for the soul, reminiscent of genres like lofi hip-hop and chillwave. The vocals on this track are not only deep and stable but also simply magical, which add to the wonder of the song. ‘Children’ is most definitely a hidden gem.


4. ‘Hocus Pocus’


The tropical bop of our dreams, ‘Hocus Pocus’ by BVNDIT proves the group’s ability to put out trendy radio hits that are also artistically rich and unique. The touch of Indian classical music in the instrumental is just the cherry on top.


5. ‘Dumb’


One of the most instantly recognizable BVNDIT songs of all time, ‘Dumb’ never gets old. With the group’s unique vocal colour standing out better than ever, this song truly showcases BVNDIT’s unlimited potential.

What is your favourite BVNDIT song? Tell us in the comments down below!


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