IU Celebrates Birthday With Generous Donation To Communities In Need



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Happy birthday, IU!

Popular singer-actress IU, who is celebrating her birthday today, continues to share her blessings with communities in need.

According to her agency EDAM Entertainment, IU donated a total of 210 million won to various organizations including the Snail of Love, the Korean Single Mothers Family Association, Eden I Ville, and the social welfare corporation Chang Inwon.

IU’s agency explained, “With the many fans who congratulated IU on her birthday, she gave her heart to places in need, making her birthday more meaningful than ever.”

Her donation will be used for surgery and treatment expenses for children and adolescents suffering from hearing impairment and will be used to support single-parent families who are experiencing financial difficulties, childcare facilities in need of help, and facilities for the disabled.

The beautiful and multi-talented star has consistently made generous donations in the name of IUAENA, which is a combination of her name and her fan club name. In addition, she has exerted a good influence by actively taking the lead in donating without ignoring difficulties in various areas.

Meanwhile, IU is about to release her first commercial film, The Broker, on June 8. She is also invited to the 75th Cannes International Film Festival.

Source: Newsen

Photo Credits: Edam Entertainment

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