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Korean stars have become synonymous with impeccable talent as their accomplishments on-screen have won the world over and rightfully so. Be it actors, models, or K-pop idols, these talented individuals have proven themselves to be as versatile as it gets with stellar performances across acting, singing, dancing, and everything in between. 

Case in point, just check out these six K-stars with incredible ~ range ~.

1. Ji Chang-wook from The Sound of Magic

The Sound of Magic Ji Chang Wook as Ri-eul in The Sound of Magic Cr. Lim Hyo Sun/Netflix © 2022

Ji Chang-wook rose to global stardom with notable roles that have solidified him as a Hallyu powerhouse in The Empress Ki, Healer, Suspicious Partner and Lovestruck in the City. Not only is he a talented actor, but he can also carry a tune! 

The talented K-star has impressed audiences with his vocal talents through acclaimed musical performances; most recently as the star of fantasy music series The Sound of Magic where he plays mysterious magician Ri-eul, who has more than just a few tricks up his sleeve. You’ll find yourself marvelling at his jaw-dropping skills, from showcasing his jaw-dropping magical powers to serenading a new friend and taking her on a magical carousel ride in the sky

2. Hwang In-youp from The Sound of Magic

The Sound of Magic Hwang In Youp as Na Il-deung The Sound of Magic Cr. Lim Hyo Sun/Netflix © 2022

Hwang In-youp is another K-star that exudes brilliance. He started out as a model before rising to fame through his breakthrough role in True Beauty, where he also lent his voice to the series’ original soundtrack ‘It Starts Today’. This K-star has proven that he can definitely do both flawlessly with his role as Il-deung in the fantasy music series The Sound of Magic

Fall in love with Hwang In-youp as Il-deung as he serenades the girl of his dreams in a picture-perfect field of flowers in the clip HERE

3. Kim Se-jeong from Business Proposal and The Uncanny Counter

The girl with the big smile is none other than Kim Se-jeong who played the role of Shin Ha-ri in Business Proposal. This accomplished K-star is not only an amazing actor but she is a former idol too! She had a stint as a member of girl groups I.O.I. and Gugudan where she shined brighter than ever, before starring in dramas such as School 2017 and The Uncanny Counter

Although she has left her popstar career behind, Kim still flexes her singing muscles on her social media. Watch her and co-star Ahn Hyo-seop sing MeloMance’s ‘Love, Maybe’, the theme song of Business Proposal HERE

4. Wi Ha-jun from Bad and Crazy  and Squid Game

Squid Game S1

Iconic series Squid Game launched this hunk to international stardom as he played police detective Hwang Jun-ho, who infiltrates the game in search for his missing brother. With a major in Theatre and Film, Wi Ha-jun is yet another K-star that has incredible range who can not only act but also sing and dance. 

He was part of a dance crew in his youth and has also shared his love for dance on his Instagram. The all rounder has also lent his voice to the soundtrack ‘Maybe It’s Too Late’ for the rom-com series Matrimonial Chaos, which he also starred in. 

5. Bae Suzy from Start-Up and Vagabond

Bae Suzy is another K-pop idol turned K-drama superstar who got her start in the industry in 2010 as lead vocalist of girl group Miss A. Since then, she has been slaying as an actress, winning awards for her roles in film and TV including Architecture 101, While You Were Sleeping and Start-Up. Truly a lady of many talents; we can’t wait to see what she does next!

6. Park Seo-jun from Itaewon Class and What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

Park Seo-jun is another powerhouse name with a huge fandom all over the world lusting over his boyish good looks and endless charisma. This multi-talented individual is not only skilled at portraying the man of your dreams in popular dramas but he also showcases his undoubtedly lovely voice in the original soundtracks. 

Have a listen to this dreamboat in ‘Our Tears’ from the Hwarang soundtrack. 

For more of your favourite multi-talented K-stars, catch them all on Netflix!


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