ASTRO Hints At More Solo & Subunit Activities To Look Forward To In 2022


One of the most beloved K-Pop boy groups of this era, ASTRO, has officially made a comeback with their third full-length album, “Drive to the Starry Road”. What makes this album even more special and meaningful is that each member gets their own solo song, shining the spotlight on their unique musical strengths.


In light of this new release, ASTRO was interviewed by “NME” where the members shared their excitement over their renewed sonic aesthetic, dedicating the title song ‘Candy Sugar Pop’ to AROHA and more.

In the course of the interview, MoonBin shared that he had co-written ‘Candy Sugar Pop’ alongside JinJin and Rocky and he hoped that fans would enjoy the lyrics. In this respect, JinJin added that the “relaxed, mature vibe” of ‘Candy Sugar Pop’ was a stylistic change and something that the group wanted to show more of. Rocky chimed in to mention that the sound of ‘Candy Sugar Pop’ even matches his own personal taste in music. SanHa‘s favourite song, however, is ‘Something Something’.

ASTRO Hints At More Solo & Subunit Activities To Look Forward To In 2022


In the latter part of the interview, Cha EunWoo expressed his sheer joy of meeting AROHA face to face and performing for them live again after a dreadful pandemic. In this context, MoonBin divulged that besides the group’s upcoming concerts, fans can look forward to even more solo and subunit activities this year.

You can read the complete interview here.

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