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Isaac Voo, the first Malaysian-born K-POP idol, has officially inked a contract with Prodigee Asia Talent, a sister company under WebTVAsia, to expand his solo activities in Malaysia as well as other countries. WebTVAsia is also referred to be Asia’s largest YouTube Multi-Channel Network.

As the first Malaysian to successfully debut in South Korea as a K-POP idol, Isaac Voo has always been in the spotlight. Isaac returned to Malaysia before the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, therefore was unable to participate in any of the group’s activities and promotions in the second half of 2020. His group, In2it then temporarily halted their activities after 5 of the members were enlisted in South Korea mandatory military service in the same year.

During this period, Isaac actively participated in a variety of programs and activities in Malaysia such as talentshow “The X-Project” as well as appearing as a guest performer for a local K-POP dance cover competition.

When asked why he chose Prodigee Asia Talent as his agency, Isaac stated, “WebTVAsia and Prodigee Asia Talent are no longer unfamiliar names when it comes to the entertainment industry in Malaysia. Besides they have also produced top notch of artists such as my seniors in the company. So, this gave me the confidence to sign with them” He also stated that he hopes to show his fans a side of him that they haven’t seen before, as well as experiencing more of the Malaysian entertainment industry in order to repay the love and support that fans have shown him since his debut.

Prodigee Asia Talent is also a home to famous local artists such as Choo Hao Ren, Priscilla Abby, Thomas Kok, and Daniel Wong. Regarding the four artists in Prodigee Asia Talent, Isaac expressed his admiration and said that, despite his previous time in South Korea, he frequently paid attention to Malaysian entertainment news and all variety shows as well as music content produced by Malaysian singers and discovered that the seniors in the same agency are extremely talented. Isaac also voiced his desire to collaborate with his seniors on projects and create some news hit songs. Lastly, he hopes that everyone can support and look forward to his upcoming activities.

“We will do our best to support Isaac’s activities and we ask for your full support and love toward him”, said Miss Vicky Lum, the co-founder of Prodigee Asia Talent.

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