OMEGA X’s Jaehan & Yechan to star in BL drama, an adaptation of webtoon ‘A Shoulder To Cry On’ – Asian Junkie


It was recently announced by SPIRE Entertainment that OMEGA X members Jaehan and Yechan are set to star in a new web drama based on the BL webtoon ‘A Shoulder To Cry On’.

The drama adaptation of “A Shoulder to Cry On” will tell the love story of Lee Da Yeol, a student who dreams of becoming an archer and is entirely focused on his athletic career, and Jo Tae Hyun, an extremely popular student who deceives himself about his own emotions due to painful emotional scars from his past. Jaehan will star as Lee Da Yeol, the aspiring archer, while Yechan will play Jo Tae Hyun, who believes himself to be a sociopath.

If you recall, OMEGA X are a group of combined survival show contestants that were in smaller groups, and Jaehan is a former SPECTRUM member and Yechan is a former 1THE9 member whose profile also says he’s Catholic, so that’s interesting. Either way, they are surely hoping this vaults them into significant growth much like has been done for DKZ recently.

Feel like there’s discourse to be had over that recent trend, but I haven’t seen much complaining about it from Korean LGBTQ+ community, so I’ll default to that.

Anyway, ‘A Shoulder To Cry’ on is scheduled to premier in September.

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