ASTRO Takes Over iTunes Charts Worldwide With Latest Album “Drive To The Starry Road”


Demonstrating their impressive global influence, talented boy group ASTRO recently landed numerous feats on the charts with Drive To The Starry Road!

Versatile boy group, ASTRO, remains truly unstoppable as they bag succeeding outstanding feats on the charts in conjunction with their newest offering, Drive To The Starry Road.


Just recently, the group released their third full-length album titled, Drive to the Starry Road. Spearheaded by the title track “Candy Sugar Pop,” the album showcases the boys’ incredible musicality, amazing vocal techniques, and astounding talents.

It also marks their latest album in nine months since their eighth extended play, Switch On, and its title track “After Midnight.”

Unveiled on May 16, ASTRO’s newest offering quickly scored the No. 1 spot on iTunes’ Top Albums charts in at least 12 different regions. These include Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Paraguay, the Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, and more. It also dominated iTunes’ Top K-Pop Albums charts in at least 15 different regions, as well as iTunes’ US charts. 

Adding to their list of growing accolades, the album’s title song, “Candy Sugar Pop,” also topped iTunes’ Top Songs chart in at least 11 different countries including Chile, Guatemala, the Philippines, and Qatar. Moreover, it also scored the No. 22 spot on the Worldwide iTunes Song chart and the No. 1 spot on iTunes’ Top K-Pop Songs charts in about 17 regions.

As if these were not yet enough, “Candy Sugar Pop” conquered real-time domestic charts such as Bugs and Genie, while b-side tracks “First Love,” “Like Stars,” and “Story” entered the Worldwide iTunes Song chart.


Showcasing their impressive chemistry and star quality, ASTRO definitely caught the ears and eyes of many with Drive to the Starry RoadIt has a total of 11 tracks falling under different genres. All of which demonstrates the members’ honey-like vocals and admirable rapping skills.

Falling under the pop and retro genre, the title track “Candy Sugar Pop” has addictive beats that listeners will surely love. It definitely brought out not only ASTRO’s hidden charms but also their fun and carefree side.

Meanwhile, ASTRO will promote their newest single on various music shows in South Korea.

Source: News1

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