Hidden Gems: Black Heart by UNB


On this series we remember songs that have been forgotten or were never even given the attention they deserved. Today’s Hidden Gem is Black Heart by UNB

The boy group that was formed from The Unit!  Their debut was good but this comeback was even better.  The choreography is AMAZING and the song is really catchy. The mv also features contestants from the unit like Jungha of Beatwin and Hangyul of X1/BAE173.  Anne of S.I.S and Jueun of DIA were also randomly there for promos.  Just a really good song that totally deserved a win, and they even got close, but just barely missed it.

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UNB was temporary group, so we knew a disbandment was coming after about a year of promos.  What was frustrating is the point of the show was “they’re talented artists who were under labels who didn’t know how to manage them so they were unsuccessful, so we’ll promote them well.”  Well, they were under MBK which is the worst company EVER in Kpop, so the groups flopped.  Feeldog has been releasing solo music.  Euijin returned to BIGFLO, but they haven’t been up to much in years.  He debuted solo a couple years ago and has appeared on some variety dancing shows.  Marco returned to HBY but the team disbanded in 2020.  Hojung returned to Hotshot, and the team disbanded in 2021.  Hansol deb​uted in New Kidd, but they’re literally M.I.A.  Chan is in A.C.E and still active.  Kijoong did not re-debut.  Jun is the only one who has been pretty successful, he’s been the lead in multiple Kdramas and has released a few songs with the remaining members U-Kiss.  It was also revealed that there was an error in the voting system and two members made the top 9 that weren’t supposed to.

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