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If you get the questions wrong then it’s okay. Just use this as a way to get to know me more :lisalaugh:

1. What is Lex’s race?

A. Black
B. Asian
C. White
D. Biracial

2. Where was Lex born?

A. America
B. Canada
C. England

3. What are Lex’s favorite colors?

A. Pink and Green
B. Blue, Green, and Yellow
C. Purple and Peach
D. Purple, Pink, and Blue

4. What is Lex’s sexuality?

A. Bisexual
B. Straight
C. Asexual
D. Lesbian

5. What pet does Lex have?

A. Hamster
B. Kitty cat
C. Puppy
D. Goldfish

6. What color is Lex’s favorite drink(s)?

A. Water
B. Milk
C. Strawberry Lemonade
D. Both A and C
E. Both A and B

7. What is Lex’s favorite food?

A. Soup
B. Meat
C. Noodles
D. Salad

8. How many siblings does Lex have?

A. Only child
B. 2 older brothers
C. 1 sister
D. 3 brothers + 1 sister

9. What does Lex have a degree in?

A. Computer Science
B. Psychology
C. Finance
D. Social Work

10. What year was Lex born?

A. 1995
B. 1996
C. 1997
D. 1998

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