ChoCo Entertainment Goes Global Through K-Pop Reality Program In Co-Production With US Star Producer JoJo Ryder


ChoCo Entertainment recently announced, that they will make a K-Pop reality program through the ChoCo Project, co-producing it together with US Warner Bros’ star producer JoJo Ryder.

The ChoCo Project, which has been in preparation since 2018 by ChoCo Entertainment’s Cho PD, is a special project that aims to debut the next generation K-Pop idol group in Hollywood. For the past 4 years, the organization of the project has been kept as a secret, and they have fully prepared for the creation the next generation K-Pop front runners and their unveiling in the United States. Through a different way of training and management that diverges from the existing method of casting and training, and considering different angles and conditions such as talent, personality, love for family, and others, the final selection of trainees was carefully made through star-finder Cho PD’s discerning eyes.

ChoCo Entertainment Goes Global Through K-Pop Reality Program In Co-Production With US Star Producer JoJo Ryder

ChoCo Entertainment

“ChoCo Project” will start as a K-Pop reality program co-produced in partnership with US Warner Bros’ famous TV producer JoJo Ryder. JoJo Ryder is a producer who has American hit programs such as “The Bachelor” under his belt. He is a star producer who has 11 programs that received No. 1 viewer rating. He also has been nominated for 3 Emmys.

With famous celebrities such as Beyonce and Ray J, JoJo Ryder have already created a connection between music and entertainment. He also has produced the No. 1 show on music channels such as Viacom’s “vh-1”. This time, JoJo Ryder is preparing for his attempt have his 12th “No. 1” show through his co-production in the ChoCo Project. Key Hollywood experts and veterans of K-Pop have teamed up to increase the possibility of the new project to materialize.

ChoCo Entertainment has secured the power to create their own programs by taking over the production company that produced various music programs, awards ceremony, reality shows, and entertainment programs, including the Olympics. In addition, by acquiring the VFX company, ChoCo Entertainment has absorbed the nation’s highest level of technological development capabilities such as digital avatars, XR Production, and immersive content. ChoCo Label’s line of producers has been recognized for their producing ability through their production of the latest title songs, one after another, for the top domestic companies.

After the COVID-19 pandemic started, content without any script, such as reality programs, has been the trend in global broadcasting. It happened at the time when scripted content, such as dramas, were postponed in large numbers. Viewers, who had to mainly stayed home due to the pandemic, consumed reality content much more than before. According to consulting firm K7 Media, during the pandemic, the quiz show format reached a sales mark of 97 in the global market, while talent reality shows reached as sales mark of 70. Because of this, along with the global status of K-Pop, ChoCo Project’s reality program is highly anticipated.

The ChoCo Project has thoroughly prepared for the debut of a K-Pop idol group in the United States, the home of Pop. The co-production of a reality program with JoJo Ryder will be an opportunity to solidify the foundation for a successful start in the United States.
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