MONSTA X Delivers A Special Anniversary Gift For MONBEBE


The members of MONSTA X made 0514 more special as they went hands-on with the decorations for the anniversary broadcast!

MONSTA X shares a heartwarming gift for fans as the group celebrates its seventh year in the Kpop industry.

monsta x monbebe

On May 14, MONSTA X greeted global MONBEBE for a V Live broadcast, commemorating their fruitful years as a powerhouse group. It was a moment made more special as the members revealed that they had decorated the place before going live.

Many fans were curious about how the members gathered their creative juices for the designs, and the curiosity was immediately fed when the group posted a vlog on May 20.

In particular, Minhyuk, Kihyun, and Joohoney teamed up to decorate the wall. While the chemistry of the three naturally stood out, it was a pretty sight as Joohoney struggled to knot the balloon, gaining interest from Minhyuk.

After an enthusiastic team play, the three completed the colorful wall, setting the camera to capture the delicate details they had put into the decoration.

monsta x monbebe

On the other hand, Hyungwon and I.M worked on the cake. The two admitted their interest in cooking despite not practicing it in the dorm. And it was adorable how they gathered their heads together to figure out how to make the cake more meaningful.

In the end, Hyungwon and I.M decided to express “LOVE” after coming up with many artistic ideas. They used red fruits to embody the fans surrounding the group and put their love and care into every detail.

monsta x

Meanwhile, MONSTA X recently wrapped up the promotions for the 11th mini-album SHAPE of LOVE. The members are now gracing the American stages with their 2022 MONSTA X NO LIMIT US TOUR presented by Lexus. The much-awaited concert began in New York on the 21st and will continue in Fairfax, Detroit, Chicago, Sunrise, Atlanta, Fort Worth, Phoenix, and Los Angeles.

PR and Image Source: Starship Entertainment

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