6 Funniest K-Pop Idols Born In 2001


 6 Funniest K-Pop Idols Born In 2001

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A lot of thought goes into stanning certain K-Pop groups. It could be the music for one fan, or the number of members for the other. It could also be the visuals or charisma for another fan, or even the nationality of the members (some fans may gravitate more towards members from countries they fancy. It’s a thing, really.) The one thing, however, that most fans take into account is the personality of their favourite K-Pop idols.

Despite there being a lot of insanely witty and savage idols with personalities you can’t ignore like TWICE’s NaYeon, BTS’s V and NCT’s Johnny from the 1995 line, the ones born in 2001 stand out so much you can’t help but give them their well-deserved recognition.

Check out 6 funniest K-Pop idols born in 2001 that any fan or person in general would feel happy watching.



Some fans might find it odd that ChenLe is at the top of this list, but NCTzens fully understand why. ChenLe tends to be a man of few words, but when he needs to speak, or tease the members, anyone can clearly see and recognise his undeniable wit and sense of humour. His jokes seem very effortless, like he doesn’t even try to be funny, and with a personality like that, why wouldn’t anyone stan him?



MIDZYs will for sure nod their heads at this one. Like ChenLe, ChaeRyeong is a girl of few words, but when she talks, or even her expressions at the members jokes or attitude can be extremely hilarious. Her funny yet witty remarks during interviews and variety shows as well have both fans and members laughing the loudest. Take ChaeRyeong for granted, and get stung.



As ENHYPEN’s oldest member, HeeSeung had been indirectly in charge of taking care of the boys alongside leader JungWon. This doesn’t mean he solely sticks to any strict hyung rules. He helps fellow members unwind with his more relaxed sense of humour. When he needs to tease, he teases in the most adorable way, while still being the ace he is, of course.



One thing comes to mind when fans think of Asahi: the iconic blank Asahi stare. That alone could have anyone cracking up instantly. TREASURE is one group that has proven to be quite chaotic, and Asahi sure is making a name for himself as one of the most chaotic members. His various facial expressions and jokes that may not be most appropriate for an idol are just more reasons for TREASURE MAKERs to love his fun personality.



It seems that most of the time, TXT members enjoy teasing BeomGyu, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get back at them with even more savage energy. There’s always a comeback waiting to spill out of BeomGyu’s lips and both fans and members don’t ever see it coming.



Much like the infamous maknae on top vibe (similar fun personalities in this category are GOT7’s YuGyeom from the 1997 line and SEVENTEEN’s Dino from the 1999 line), I.N knows how to drop the mic on his members. It may seem I.N. is all smiles and good vibes, but when he needs to let loose, the overload of humour that follows is overwhelming, to say the least.

What idols born in 2001 do you think are the funniest? What names would you rather have on this list?


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