BLANK2Y Signals Widespread “THUMBS UP” For Their Powerful Debut


BLANK2Y makes a highly anticipated debut with their thunderous mini-album, K2Y I: CONFIDENCE [Thumbs Up].

KEYSTONE ENTERTAINMENT’s first and only boy group, BLANK2Y, makes their enthralling entrance into the K-Pop scene. The group of nine debuted on May 21 with their mini-album, K2Y I: CONFIDENCE [Thumbs Up], and its title track “THUMBS UP”.


BLANK2Y combines the words ‘BLANK’ and ‘KEY’, meaning ‘a key to open a blank space’. With this name, the group will become a musical medium soothing the blank hearts of people in modern times, reigniting the fire in their inner passion. The group includes members DK, Louis, Donghyuk, Siwoo, Mikey, U, Youngbin, Sungjun, and Sodam who have already been captivating audiences since pre-debut.

Ahead of their first release, BLANK2Y showed their charisma and synergy as a group through their reality series, BLANK2Y’S.

During the program, viewers watched as the members bonded through their pre-debut experiences and feelings. While the show treated fans to entertaining moments highlighting the group’s teamwork through various challenges and games, it also provided the first look at BLANK2Y as a charismatic unit.

Ahead of their debut, the group also covered senior K-Pop artists including NCT 127 and The Boyz, demonstrating their performance skills. Recently, the members became ambassadors for COEX’s BLOSSOM THE HOPE 2022 festival and honorary ambassadors for Jeju tourism from the Jeju Tourism Association. Their demand and busy schedules allude to the group’s superstar qualities and industry interest so early on in their careers.

BLANK2Y’s first mini-album, K2Y I: CONFIDENCE [Thumbs Up], is the start of their K2Y series which will explore different sides of every human. The first of three, K2Y I: CONFIDENCE [Thumbs Up] represents “CONFIDENCE” and conveys BLANK2Y’s confident beginning as they aim to spread cheer to those around the world amidst the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Intro (R)- Instrumental”

Kicking off the mini-album in a fiery fashion, “Intro (R)” Instrumental” is the opener that claims listeners’ attention. The edgy premiere track sets the tone with its bold EDM sound, delivering an addictive earworm melody.

“Thumbs Up” & “Thumbs Up – English Version”

The title track, “Thumbs Up”, is a trap banger combined with synthesizer sound. With its edgy tune, BLANK2Y communicates its central message of “we all are the best”. Its addictive chorus also conveys their vision to fill the world with a fiery passion.

While the chorus is clearly meant to captivate listeners, its true charm is in the verses and pre-chorus, which delineate the group from the rest of the heavy synth-trap mixed releases we’ve heard from many rookie boy groups as of late. In these verses, fans can parse through the members’ unique voices and colors, providing a closer look at BLANK2Y’s individuality as a newly emerged group.

The accompanying music video is an extension of the energetic confidence displayed in the track, illustrating the members’ polished performance skills and on-screen presence. The group also offers their title track in an English version, expressing their love for global fans.


Following the trap-EDM affair of “Thumbs Up”, “Touch” edges more closely to pop-EDM. The song conveys the story between two people, where one touch changes everything. The track delivers an addictive melody that still encapsulates the daring spirit of BLANK2Y’s debut with a more refreshing delivery.

“Constellation – Fan Song”

Lastly, the group sends their love to fans in “Constellation”, their fan-dedicated song. The track explores the story of escaping from a fearful past to a future illuminated by precious moments that shine as bright as stars. The heartwarming acoustic ballad spotlights the members’ impressive vocal skills and genuine sentiments.

With this song, BLANK2Y share a promise with fans to always keep their precious moments together in their hearts.

PR Source: Helix Publicity


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