3 Reasons Why We Are In Love With GOT7’s Comeback


GOT7 just released their self-entitled EP on May 23rd, with the title track ‘NANANA’.

The group consisting of 7 members, namely: Jay B, Jackson, YuGyeom, JinYoung, BamBam, Mark and YoungJae. The group formed under JYP Entertainment but the members left JYP Entertainment after their contract expired in 2021.

GOT7 had made their debut in January 2014, under the company JYP Entertainment. The group made their mark in the industry, by providing massive hit like ‘Hard Carry’, ‘Just Right’ and many other songs. The group also gained popularity over the globe.

After the group left JYP, the members joined different companies and persuaded their own paths. Yet it is till April, rumors around a possible GOT7 comeback began to circulate. It is until May 9 that Warner Bros Korea officially announced that GOT 7 is preparing for a comeback.

Here are the reasons why we are in love with GOT7’s comeback.


1. The Album Has Songs Written And Produced By GOT7 Only

The self-titled track “GOT7” is composed of six tracks and all of them are produced by the members. The album “GOT7” is a sign for a new beginning for them and aims to show who GOT7 really is.

 3 Reasons Why We Are In Love With GOT7's Comeback

GOT7 Album

The title track ‘NANANA’ is written and produced by Jay B along with other songs, ‘Truth’ and ‘Don’t Leave Me’. Whilst ‘Drive Me To The Moon’ is written by the main vocalist, YoungJae. The album also consists a self composed song by YuGyeom, named ‘TWO’. YuGyeom also wrote ‘Don’t Care About Me’ along with his fellow member JinYoung.

The album has topped #1 on iTune charts in more than 90 countries, making GOT7 the second K-Pop group to do so after BTS. Their title track, ‘NANANA’, has topped on iTunes in 71 regions.


2. The Title Track ‘NANANA’ Music Video Shows A Fresh Look Of GOT7


The first teaser for the song ‘NANANA’ was released on May, 21, 2022. The full music video was dropped on 22nd May and the video gained 2,426,813 views on GOT7’s official YouTube Channel with in 7 hours after its release.

The burst of colors in the video enhances the songs joyous vibes and one cannot help but bounce along the beat. In their Fan Con, Jay B also said that they he wanted to do a sharp choreography but instead of going ‘hard’ they kept it relax and that is exactly what we see in ‘NANANA”s choreography.

The song truly defines GOT7 and highlights them as individuals yet as a group at the same time, like incorporating BamBam’s iconic ‘skirt skirt’ phrase and keeping the chill vibe that the group always had.


3. GOT7 Reunites With iGOT7 with ‘Home Coming’ 2022 Fan Concert

The fans missed seeing the group together. GOT 7 had also promised their fans that they will make a comeback and together. And after successfully taking over rights over the group name they are here!

 3 Reasons Why We Are In Love With GOT7's Comeback

GOT7 Home Coming 2022

GOT7 held FANCON ‘Home Coming 2022’, where they performed ‘NANANA’  alongside the other songs from the new album like ‘Don’t Leave Me Alone’. They also performed old songs like ‘Just  Right’, ‘Lullaby’, ‘Hard Carry’, ‘Not By The Moon’, ‘Aura’, ‘Never Ever’ and many other songs.

The fan concert was an emotional ride for both the group and the fans. JinYoung, who never cried on concerts before, began to cry whilst singing. Other members too grew teary during the encore.

 3 Reasons Why We Are In Love With GOT7's Comeback

GOT7 Home Coming 2022

GOT7 claimed ‘NANANA’ to be a fresh start for them, and the song does just that! What are your thoughts on GOT7’s reunion?


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