Hidden Gems: Good Bye by Dasoni


On this series we remember songs that have been forgotten or were never even given the attention they deserved. Today’s Hidden Gem is Goodbye by Dasoni

Well we all know EXID, but we don’t all know about Dasoni, the sub-unit with Hani and Solji (unless you’re a Leggo). This is such a beautiful song! Kinda everything about this song is amazing. Verses, pre-chorus, chorus, harmonies, key change, Solji’s runs. It’s a powerful ballad yet it’s still catchy. Just an amazing song.

gif: exid dasoni gif | WiffleGif

EXID one year later went on to become Kpop legends when they released the viral hit Up&Down and continued to have a successful career. Dasoni even released some music on their albums, but they just went by the name Hani&Solji. EXID disbanded a couple years ago. Solji has been perusing a solo career while Hani has been pursuing acting.

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