LIGHTSUM Steps “Into The Light” With Their Latest Release


LIGHTSUM dazzles in their first mini-album release, Into The Light, showing a new side to their sweetness.

Following their emergence in K-Pop during June 2021, LIGHTSUM made an impression with their saccharine debut single, “Vanilla”. Setting the highest initial sales for rookie girl groups that year, the members quickly established their presence as one of the top K-Pop girl groups to look out for.

Their subsequent single album, Light A Wish, extended the bright brilliance they offered with their first project. Now, LIGHTSUM returns after seven months, further exploring their musical universe with “light” as the medium in their first mini-album, Into The Light.


In this era, members Sangah, Chowon, Nayoung, Hina, Juhyeon, Yujeong, Huiyeon, and Jian showed more versatility than ever before, delivering the album in two versions. “The Class” version reinterprets the high-teen trends with a funkier, academic twist. Meanwhile, “The Team” presents a more sporty appearance and mirrors the energy of the members.

As a whole, Into The Light encapsulates Generation Z’s unique sincerity–a blunt honesty regarding the feelings that their generation faces. The mini-album offers five tracks that cover a spectrum of genres including R&B and alternative pop.

With this project, LIGHTSUM maintains the signature sweetness established by their prior releases but rejuvenates their sound with tracks that highlight their willingness to take risks and explore a bolder identity–a nod to the ‘teen spirit’ their music emulates.


Spearheading the mini-album, title track “ALIVE” was written by producer GALACTIKA and team GALACTIKA. The track delivers their groove style, blending pop, house, and EDM for an audacious listen.

The song communicates LIGHTSUM’s experience of feeling alive again after falling in love with their daily life that was previously colorless and boring. The message is reiterated with the track’s refreshing, upbeat tune creating an earworm perfect for the incoming summer season.

Additionally, its music video visually depicts the liveliness of the album’s tracks. Evoking the energetic sentiments of Generation Z, the video shows LIGHTSUM in a high school where they contemplate the love that makes them feel alive. In particular, the video highlight’s the group’s polished dancing as well as their individual charms.


Produced by team GALACTIKA, “i” follows the EDM vibe of the title track while delivering a faster tempo. The more retro-infused song sweeps listeners away with its buoyant melody, while its darker trap sounds in the verses elevate its interest.


“GOOD NEWS” starts with twinkling notes, setting the tone for a whimsical track. However, its unassuming beginning leaves a surprise for listeners as the song launches into a trendy melody peppered with deep bass and synth. The song’s catchy appeal leaves “GOOD NEWS” as a standout in the album, illustrating LIGHTSUM’s abilities to retain their own unique color in a track that very much falls in line with current K-Pop trends.


While the previous songs deliver the sweet sound of LIGHTSUM fans are more accustomed to, “Q” reveals their bolder side with rap verses against an upbeat tempo. The members’ delivery of the lyrics highlights their self-assured confidence and a grittier attitude than ever before.


“BYE BYE LOVE” concludes the album with a flourish, delivering another album standout that leaves listeners wanting for more. While shining a light on the members’ vocal skills, the track impresses as a unique EDM track that captivates listeners with playful sound.

PR Source: Helix Publicity

Image and Video Source: CUBE Entertainment

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