Spotify Users Can Now Blend with K-Pop Stars BTS, Stray Kids, ENHYPEN, TXT, NMIXX and AB6IX · K-POPPED!


K-Pop continues to stand out in the vast world of music as a genre that starts with music but becomes a movement encompassing an entire world of standom, fashion, community and more. It has exploded into an infectious global phenomenon and is taking over the whole world. Every day in the K-Pop dreamland, there are new songs, styles, and trends and the K-Pop fandom is always-on.

And now you can Blend with some of the biggest names in K-Pop including BTSStray KidsENHYPENTOMORROW X TOGETHERNMIXXAB6IX and more, merging both of your musical tastes into one shared playlist made just for you.

Spotify believes that music brings people together—and Blend is helping listeners do just that. To Blend with one of these artists:

  • Simply click the link in their name above and let Spotify do the rest!
  • You will also receive a share card showing your taste-match scores and the songs that bring you two together.
  • These cards will allow you to see your listening preferences compared to the artist and are created to be shared directly to Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or Twitter.

In March, Spotify expanded Blend’s reach with two new updates, allowing users to Blend with up to 10 people in a group and also giving users the chance to Blend with some of their favorite artists. These new artist additions are an expansion of that and users can expect even more exciting Blend updates to roll out in the coming months!

Blend updates daily and is available to Free and Premium users across the globe.

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