TO1 To Temporarily Suspend All Activities


WAKEONE Entertainment recently made an important announcement regarding the future plans of their prized boy group, TO1.

On the evening of May 25, the agency released an official statement explaining that the lovely and talented group will go on a hiatus. The company cited reorganization purposes for their hiatus. They added that all of the group’s activities during this period such as guestings, schedules, fan cafe activities, and SNS activities such as Twitter and Bubble, will also be halted until further notice.

“This time will be dedicated for recharging while the TO1 members prepare to show you a new side with their next album, so we ask fans for your understanding,” the agency explained.

Regarding the personal endeavors of one of its members Jaeyun, WAKEONE Entertainment stated that his activities as the MC of Arirang TV’s After School Club every Tuesday will still proceed as normal.

“TO1 will greet you with a more mature image once again. Thank you,” the agency concluded.

TO1 debuted in April 2020 under the name TOO with their first mini-album Reason For Being: Benevolence and its lead single “Magnolia.”

For many K-Pop fans, this will not mark the first time that TO1 announced a quick hiatus for the purpose of reorganization. In 2021, TO1 had a brief break due to rebranding. The group’s management rights transferred to WAKE ONE Entertainment at that time, and the group underwent restructuring from TOO to TO1.

Earlier this year, WAKE ONE Entertainment also announced that member Chi Hoon’s exclusive contract with them terminated and that he would leave the group.

Soon after the news came out, TOOGETHERs from all over the world immediately sent their support and love to their beloved idols. The messages they sent were all full of positivity and gratitude, along with the hopes for their favorite group to come back as a whole.

Meanwhile, TO1 recently made their appearance in the KCON 2022 Premiere as one of the performers. Their latest comeback was 7 months ago with their second mini-album, RE: ALIZE, spearheaded by the title track, “No More X.”

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