4 Songs From KEY, NCT Dream, WEi, And ALICE To Set Your Mood For “Begin Again: K-Pop Edition”


For Filipino SHAWOLs, NCTzens, RUis, and BLRIS who are about to see KEY, NCT Dream, WEi, and ALICE on stage this weekend, here is a playlist to help you get ready for Begin Again: K-Pop Edition!

You’ve probably heard the news by now: KEY, NCT Dream, WEi, and ALICE are set to visit Manila for a memorable one-night live show titled Begin Again: K-Pop Edition

Begin Again

It is no secret that these four South Korean acts are extremely talented. From singing, dancing, and acting, they pretty much can do anything, which is why they are extremely popular not just in their homeland but also globally. 

Having been in the industry for around 14 years, KEY definitely embodies the essence of an all-rounder. The songs he has released together with his fellow SHINee members have undoubtedly define a generation of K-Pop lovers.

Yet he continues to reach greater heights and exceed expectations with his solo music, further proving of his endless potential and charms as an idol. Indeed, KEY remains a force to be reckoned with in the industry. 

On the other hand, NCT Dream continues to impress K-Pop fans with their admirable dynamics and remarkable music. Armed with unique and game-changing releases each comeback, they truly set a whole new level of standard, which makes them popular among young K-Pop fans. 

The beats to their songs are extremely catchy and the lyrics are fun yet meaningful at the same time. The members’ voices go well together and their choreography and song execution is just superb. There’s no doubt NCT Dream effortlessly embody the essence of youth.

Begin Again

Meanwhile, WEi, who debuted in 2020, knows how to do their craft the right way. Their delivery is admirable and their releases are extremely diverse. From cute concepts to dark themes, WEi has proved that they can pretty much pull off any concept. That said, there is no surprise why their global influence keeps on rising.

Lastly, we have ALICE who knows how to do ballads in the most endearing and flawless way. Their previous songs as ELRIS has already demonstrated their impressive versatility and powerful vocal abilities. ALICE is definitely one of the girl groups that deserve more recognition and love from K-Pop fans.

As the Begin Again: K-Pop Edition concert gets nearer, here are four songs from KEY, NCT Dream, WEi and ALICE to help you get into the festive mood, while preparing to meet them in person after a long time.


Get your tissues ready as this one hits directly right in the feels like any other K-Pop ballad or love song out there. Boasting a hopeful sound and message, this song will definitely bring out all sorts of emotions from every listener through its heartfelt lyrics. As its name suggests, “Power of Love” talks about what a person can do for the love. It specifically details the excitement of meeting your one true love. 

Released in May 2022, this song unleashed ALICE’s elegant image and powerful vocals. The subtle and creative choreography that accompanies this song made it even better. Lines like “My melody, the day I reach you/ I’ll fly away, joy fills up/ On this long, difficult road/ In your arms that hugged me/ I’ll make you shine like this” and “The river of tears endures/ Even if I am blocked by the great mountain of despair/ Because of you, in the radiant universe inside me/ A flower of hope that spreads endlessly” encapsulate the meaning of the song perfectly.

Though its a soft song, “Power of Love” is one of ALICE’s best releases to date. It gave emphasis to their chemistry and heavenly vocals. It’s also their most recent song so there is a high chance that the group will perform it live during the concert.


Who says cute concepts are overrated? Well, “TOO BAD” WEi excels in it! This song gives off nothing but good energy and positive vibes. It is the kind of song you’ll want to listen to in the morning or when you are getting ready for something, like a concert. It creates a carefree and bright atmosphere and can act as an instant mood booster during your bad days. 

Posing as a sweet serenade, “TOO BAD” talks about the feelings of an indivisual who is about to confess to someone he likes. What made this song more catchy is its accompanying music video. It is creative, and at the same time colorful and fun. The choreography also fits well with the catchy beats of the track. 

Lyrics like “The light that filled me/ We are almost to paradise/ Hold on, hold on/ Let me introduce myself/ Starting from the end/ You’re the reason that I dream/ In my uncaring heart an oasis is blooming” can instantly make listeners’ hearts flutter.

No doubt, this is a must hear for RUIs who will attend the event, and even fans of other groups who want to have a taste of WEi’s unique discography.


“Hello Future” might not be NCT Dream’s most recent song yet it left a great impact in the industry, which is why it deserves a spot in this list. Coming directly from the group’s repackage album of the same name in 2021, this is a fun song to listen to when the day seems to be only going down. 

The lyrics invites listener to continue to be hopeful about the future and forget their worries because everything will fall into place eventually. Its satisfying beats, smooth flowing choreography, and futuristic sound made the song more remarkable. The chorus sticks to the head, while its rhythm go well with any season.

Haechan, Renjun, Chenle definitely nailed their parts with their honey-like vocals, while Mark, Jisung, Jeno, Jaemin left fans in awe with their rap verses, per usual. With a message as beautiful as the idols themselves, this is surely a must-hear for old and new NCTzens, who have been waiting to meet one of  their favorite groups in person. 


Last but not the least, we have “Hate That…” by none other than the two aces of the K-Pop industry, KEY and Taeyeon. Released in August 2021 as the pre-release for his album BAD LOVE, this song may have a melancholic message but its guitar melody is extremely chill and catchy.

Falling under the R&B genre, “Hate That…” expresses the selfish hopes of a person for his or her ex-lover to refrain from being happy. Taeyeon and KEY’s harmonization in the track stood out, further proving why they are one of the talented idols in the industry. 

Listening to this song is definitely a must for those who want to hear KEY’s incredible vocal techniques and impressive singing style. Lines such as “And I hate that I hate/ That you’re happy without me/ And I pray and I pray/ I want you to be painful as much as I do baby/ I can feel the breakup falling apart alone” are very pleasing to the ears and can instantly leave listeners in vocal heaven.

Begin Again: K-Pop Edition

So, are you ready to witness KEY, NCT Dream, WEi, and ALICE’s endless charms and talents on stage? Catch them live on Begin Again: K-Pop Edition, which will take place on May 29 at Smart Araneta Coliseum, starting at 5 PM KST. 

Tickets are available for PHP 3,445 to PHP 10,865 via Ticketnet’s official website and outlets.

Source: SM Entertainment, IOK Company, and OUI Entertainment

Photos from CDM Entertainment, SM Entertainment, IOK Company, and OUI Entertainment

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