5 K-Pop Idols Funny Variety Shows You Should Watch (Part 1)


K-Pop idols on variety shows are always a thrill to watch as we get to see them present various colors and layers to their charms that we might not necessarily see on stage. Funny, adorable, and oftentimes chaotic, these K-Pop idols show that they are much more than the fierce vocalists, rappers, or dancers, they have a hilarious personality and it is much more of a reason to love them.

Here are some of the K-Pop idol variety shows that are downright hilarious and perfect for a relaxing time.


Delicious bowls of ramyeon, comedic concepts, and the hilarious banter of two of our favorite idols. All these definitely serve as the perfect recipe for an unforgettable time. Idols Choi HyunSuk and JiHoon are clearly budding comedians and in every episode, their witty comments and funny reactions will leave you smiling from ear to ear and also hungry for a bowl of ramyeon.



Perhaps one of the longest-standing original K-Pop group variety series, there are so many reasons why we have been gifted with so many seasons of this show and keep coming back every week to watch new episodes. One of them being, just how funny the SEVENTEEN members are. Each presenting their own unique colors, their amazing chemistry is glaringly clear and adorable as you cannot help but enjoy their chaotic banter and funny moments.


3. iKON – “iKON ON AIR”

This refreshing show was the much-needed concept from iKON we all deserved. It had been a while since we saw them in a variety series like this, and watching them showcase their hilarious and charming personalities while having a chill (and oftentimes chaotic) time together, just further makes us fall in love with the idols.


4. ITZY – “ITZY’s House”

Be a virtual guest as ITZY hosts you in a warm and cozy space that is “ITZY’s House”. The members are perfect for variety shows as their endless charms and lovable personalities always brighten the mood. From randomly belting a tune to cooking, cleaning, and shopping, this healing, adorable but somewhat chaotic content shows the members’ inept abilities to make everyone have a good time.



Cute and absolutely hilarious, the MCND members prove to be budding variety show geniuses with their incredible chemistry, comical moments, and funny reactions. Filled with fun games and concepts, their adorable personalities shine through and the only reaction you will get watching this show will range from a smile on your face to tears rolling down your eyes from laughter.

Which of these variety shows are you going to watch or currently watching? Let us know in the comments section below.


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