Celeb Lookalike: EVERGLOW’s E:U And Sorn


Yuehua Entertainment / Sorn’s Instagram

Welcome to the sixteenth article of Kpopmap’s bi-weekly series “Celeb Lookalike“!

This series will look at two or three popular Korean celebrities that are known for looking like each other and how similar their visuals are.

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Readers voted for EVERGLOW’s E:U and Sorn in our bi-weekly poll to be featured this week. Fans believe they have a big resemblance to each other.

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~ Jun 03, 2022 (KST)
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WINNER’s JinWoo and Han JiMin

NCT’s SungChan and Stray Kids’ Lee Know

2PM’s JunHo and Lim YoungWoong

Stray Kids’ SeungMin and DAY6’s WonPil

TREASURE’s JunKyu and Cho YiHyun

EXO’s Kai and MCND’s MinJae

WJSN’s YeoReum and Girls’ Generation’s TaeYeon

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Back to this week’s feature

Firstly, EVERGLOW’s E:U and Sorn have similar vibes. Their faces are similar shapes and they share a lot of similarities in terms of facial proportions.

Celeb Lookalike: EVERGLOW's E:U And Sorn

Yuehua Entertainment / CUBE Entertainment

Their nose shapes are also similar but the tips of their noses are quite different.

Celeb Lookalike: EVERGLOW's E:U And Sorn

EVERGLOW’s Twitter / CUBE Entertainment

Many fans believe that they look alike so they even made a point of taking a selfie together.

Celeb Lookalike: EVERGLOW's E:U And Sorn

Simply K-Pop’s Twitter

What do you think of their visuals? Do you see the resemblance?

Are there any other Korean celebrities that you think look alike? Let us know in the comments.


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