ADORA Teases A Fantastical Release With “Trouble? TRAVEL!”


ADORA excites with a new music video teaser for her third pre-release digital single, “Trouble? TRAVEL!”

Soloist, ADORA, will return with new music by delivering her third pre-release digital single, “Trouble? TRAVEL!”. Ahead of its release, the artist revealed a new music video teaser, intriguing fans with its concept.


The video delighted with its bright appeal, transporting fans into a fantastical world. In particular, ADORA, who appeared to be looking for something on an unknown journey, raised curiosity regarding the possible narrative of the music video.

Additionally, the light piano melody and horn instrumentals combined to produce a jazz sound, creating anticipation for the new sound the artist will deliver in this comeback.

For her next track, ADORA continues demonstrating her all-around talents. Participating in writing, composing, and arranging, the artist will provide fans with another track full of her own unique musicality.

In particular, “Trouble? TRAVEL!” explores one’s life through the emotions one experiences, akin to a journey of travel. Furthermore, the song will present ADORA’s unique story and sound through sentimental lyrics and a sensuous sound.

ADORA first emerged as a soloist following her career as an in-house producer and lyricist with Big Hit Music. Known for working on hit titles with artists including BTS, TXT, and GFRIEND, her solo debut was highly anticipated in the K-Pop community.

Her debut track, “Make U Dance”, is a catchy alt-pop earworm that introduced listeners to her individuality as an artist. Since then, ADORA delighted fans with her subsequent release, “The Little Name”.

Following the whimsical track, ADORA will now showcase yet another side of her charms.

Meanwhile, her new song, “Trouble? TRAVEL!” releases on various music platforms at 6 PM KST on June 1.

Source: My Daily

Image and Video Source: AURA Entertainment

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