5 MIRAE B-Sides That You NEED To Add To Your K-Pop Playlist ASAP


MIRAE is a 7-member boy group well-known for their futuristic and melodic sound. With their powerful energy and performance charisma, they have been winning over the hearts of K-Pop fans ever since their debut in 2021.

While MIRAE’s title tracks are always addictively good, the group has a special talent for B-Sides as well. MIRAE’s B-Sides are just as high quality as their title tracks and will have you hitting the replay button before you know it.

Here are 5 B-Sides by MIRAE that we recommend adding to your K-Pop playlist if you haven’t already.


1. ‘JUICE’

Just like the title, listening to this song is like a refreshing sip of something sweet. It is the perfect song to listen to in the morning to hype you up and add bright energy to your day. The members show off their sweet melodies in this catchy B-Side.



2. ‘Final Cut’

This song asks you to cut away the bad memories and only remember the good times. It is a soundbite of comfort that reminds you to focus on the good and beautiful aspects of life. It has a smooth melody that makes it the perfect piece of easy listening when you’re feeling mellow but still want to feel hyped.



3. ‘New Days’

There is one word that perfectly describes ‘New Days’: bop. This song is the kind that creeps up on you and has you dancing along without even realizing it. It is the kind of song that you can listen to no matter what mood you are in. The funky beat and whistle-inspired tune has an addictive beat that perfectly encompasses MIRAE’s group color.



4. ‘1 Thing’

This song could easily be on the soundtrack of a cute anime film or of a video game. If the word ‘cute’ had a sound, this song would be it. It is an upbeat cheerful song that perfectly showcases MIRAE’s vibrant energy. You might even find yourself letting it play on a loop because you can’t get enough of it.



5. ‘Seven Pages (Dear My Friend)’

This is one of the MIRAE B-Sides that will make you feel like the lyrics were written just for you. As MIRAE promises to become your map, this song leads your heart to follow them in any direction. If you want to feel the essence of MIRAE as a group, this is the song to listen to.


Which MIRAE B-Side (from this list or other ones) is your favorite? Share your recommendations with other fans in the comments!


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